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Event sync between Archive Manager & SRM very slow with CORBA "DOES_NOT_EXIST" exception found in Spectrum Tomcat log


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


After running repmgrInitalizeLandscape.bat script to Initialize the SRM database, SRM may be polling the landscapes for Events, however the polling is taking a very long time. Checking the Last Event Time on OneClick Report Manager configuration web page for "Spectrum STATUS" shows this time increase at a very slow rate. 


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: SPCRPT - Spectrum Report Manager


An Exception is seen in the Tomcat log: 

Sep 26, 2017 01:26:18.361 (SRM/LandscapeManager/LandscapeThread_0) (SRM_Events) - (ERROR) - Expection occurs while retrieving events for core1. retrying in cycle Caused by: exception com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCException.CsCSpectrumException { 
com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCError.CsCError_e error=DOES_NOT_EXIST,
java.lang.String messageFormatID="CsCEventDomain.getNextEventListByAttrFilter.requestID.DOES_NOT_EXIST", 
com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue[] messageValueList={

union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue { java.lang.String textString="" },
union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue { java.lang.String textString="%I% %G% %U%" },
union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue { int intValue=958 },
union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue { java.lang.String textString="core1" },
union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue { int intValue=0 },
union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue { java.lang.String textString="core1/CsCEventDomain" },
union com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl.CsCAttribute.CsCValue { int intValue=100061 }} 

at com.aprisma.spectrum.core.idl._CsCEventDomainStub.getNextEventListByAttrFilter(
at Source) 
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at$100(Unknown Source)
at$ Source)


To resolve this, do the following:

1. On OneClick server, edit the web.xml file located under the  $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/ directory.

2. Find the following lines within the file: 

           Enabling Event polling forcefully after CORBA DOES_NOT_EXIST exception





3. Save the file. 

4. Restart Spectrum Tomcat service 

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