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CP4 Incremental patch install failed during the post installation configuration step as the Service Desk services were unable to start


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When installing the cumulative CP3 or CP4 patches to an existing Service Desk r14.1. installation, the patch installation may fail in the post-install configuration step when trying to start the Service Desk services.

The following errors can be seen in the stdlog:

09/08 16:12:23.48  srvcdesk1 pdm_d_mgr 2680 ERROR parser.y 1086 D:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1/pdmconf/pdm_startup (527) at "(" (Macro not defined:) 
09/08 16:12:23.49 srvcdesk1 pdm_d_mgr 2680 ERROR mgr_os_if.c 1645 Syntax error detected in pdm_startup file. see logfile for details. 

They indicate a problem with the pdm_startup file.



CA Service Desk Manager r14.1 when installing the CP3 or CP4 patches.


The CP3 and CP4 patches replace the NX_ROOT\pdmconf files pdm_startup.i and pdm_startup.i.tpl. However, applyptf will only replace these files if the dates of the files being replaced are prior to those contained in the patch. If the pdm_startup.i file has been updated so that it's last update date/time is more recent than those included in the patch, the files will not be replaced. if the files are not replaced, the macros for the Heat Weather Daemon (PDM_HW_NXD) and the Elastic Search (PDM_ES_SEARCH_NXD) will not be defined. The is the reason the above errors are seen in the stdlog and the startup of Service Desk fails.







The following workaround will stop the problem occurring when applying the CP3 or CP4 patches.


1. Firstly, take a backup of the pdm_startup.i and pdm_startup.i.tpl files in the NX_ROOT\pdmconf folder. 


2. Copy the lines between the ==== below to the end of the pdm_startup.i.tpl file in the NX_ROOT\pdmconf folder. 



; Macro name: PDM_HW_NXD ; Description: Starts the Heat and Weather Daemon (PDM_HW_NXD). 


[ _TAG ] 

host = "_HOST" 

command = "$NX_JRE_INSTALL_DIR/bin/java -r $NX_ROOT -l _SLUMP_NAME" 

slump_name = _SLUMP_NAME 

display = "Heat Weather (pdm_hw_nxd)" 


classpath = "$NX_ROOT/bin/HeatWeather.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/slump.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/sd-utils.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar:$NX_ROOT/site/cfg:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/axis.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/commons-discovery.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/commons-logging.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/jaxrpc.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/saaj.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/wsdl4j.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/xercesImpl.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/xml-apis.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/jsafeFIPS.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/commons-httpclient-3.0.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/concurrent.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/Safe.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/httpcore-4.2.4.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/httpclient-4.2.5.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/commons-codec-1.3.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/mail.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/activation.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/dom4j.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/jaxen-1.1.1.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/not-yet-commons-ssl-0.3.10.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/resources:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/json-simple-1.1.1.jar" 




; ----------------------------------------- Search Deamon related definition Begin ----------------------------------------- 

; Macro name: PDM_ES_SEARCH_NXD 

; Description: Elasticsearch Event Listener for SDM Events 



[ _TAG ] 

host = "_HOST" 

command = "$NX_JRE_INSTALL_DIR/bin/java" 

slump_name = _SLUMP_NAME 

display = "Search Deamon(es_ebl)" 

classpath = "$NX_ROOT/java/lib/esEventHandler.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/httpclient-4.5.1.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/httpcore-4.4.3.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/commons-logging-1.2.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/commons-codec-1.9.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/jackson-databind-2.6.2.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/jackson-annotations-2.6.0.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/jackson-core-2.6.2.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/log4j-1.2.17.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/slump.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/jsafeFIPS.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/sd-utils.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/sqljdbc.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/ojdbc7.jar:$NX_ROOT/java/lib/gson-2.5.jar:$NX_ROOT/site/cfg/" 



; ----------------------------------------- Search Deamon related definition End ----------------------------------------- 



3. Run the CP3 or CP4 patch installer and have it apply the post-installation steps. 


4. Once complete, verify that the above macro definitions are contained in both the pdm_startup.i and pdm_startup.i.tpl files in the NX_ROOT\pdmconf folder and that Service Desk is started successfully.