When login in SD mobile it takes more than 30 seconds to complete the process
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When login in SD mobile it takes more than 30 seconds to complete the process


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When attempting to log in the Service Desk (SD) mobile app (Android or IOS) with a WiFi or mobile connection, it take almost 30 seconds to complete the login process and take the user to the home page.


Service Desk 14.1 or above


The SD server configured to launch the mobile application (REST server) did not had access to the PAM server, one of the initial routines of the REST services used by the mobile application is to verify if there is a PAM configuration in SD options and then if exist, it will verify if it can connect to it by checking the server status, if it is shutdown or if it is running the response should be immediate, but in case that the PAM ports are blocked in the network the verification will fail, causing a delay in the login procedure of 20 seconds until it times out, then the login will be successful.

It is necessary to have the PAM ports available to the SD server which has the REST server configured.


Ensure that all necessary ports to communicate between Service Desk and PAM are reachable in both ways. Refer to the official documentation to review all necessary ports that both application uses.

Service Desk required ports

Process Automation required ports