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Translations are lost on numeric attributes that are part of a query when setting display mappings.


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


1. Go to Administration > Studio > Objects
2. Filter by the project object and go to the attributes list
3. Create a numeric attribute called MyNumber
4. On the Display mappings section, create one row with colour, description and a range value
5. Once row is created, click on the translate icon and make a change anywhere and save
6. Back on the attributes properties page, click save
7. Click on the translation icon and open it again. Notice that the translation changes done previously are still there.
8. Go to Administration > Studio > Queries
9. Find the Issues Listing query (cop.prjCurrentIssuesLinkable) and go to the Attributes tab.
10. Edit the Priority attribute
11. On the Display mappings section, click on the Translate icon of any of the rows present
12. Notice the translation and description strings are properly set
13. Back on the attribute properties tab, click on the save button
14. Reopen the Translate icon of the same row

Expected result: Translations to remain appropriately for the attribute display mappings.
Actual result: Translations are lost completely due to the save action at query attribute level.


CA POPM 14.X and 15.X


This is caused by DE36872


This is currently being analysed by Engineering