TDM (Test Data Manager) MF (Main Frame) Issue with SHUFFLE


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Trying to create a seedlist from 3 existing tables using the SHUFFLE function. The Mainframe job completed with Return Code 0 but only one seed list is populated out of 3.  What would cause this and how do I fix it?  Also, my database is not getting updated.


If you are running PROC GTMSKDB (mask in place) but you have DBUPDATES=N in your //STEP05.PARMCD input, then you will experience this issue.

We suggest rerunning with DBUPDATES=Y. 

It was verified the GTMSKDB proc (program GTXMSK) is only a partial execution of shuffling: 

Use the DB2 mask in-place program (GTXMSK) to populate a seedlist for the SHUFFLE (create a mapping CSV with the required SHUFFLE and run the program with the SHUFFLEONLY=Y option in the PARMCD file), then use the SEQLOV function in the DB2 unload run in place of the SHUFFLE function. 




Two items were needed to resolve this issue:

  • The value DBUPDATES was changed to DBUPDATES=Y to get the database updated.  This value was located in PROC GTMSKDB (mask in place) in your //STEP05.PARMCD input. 
  • The other issue with SHUFFLE required a code change.  The ZIP file contains two XMIT format files - LIBDBRM.XMI and LIBLOAD.XMI. These should be transferred to the mainframe and processed with the RECEIVE command. LIBLOAD contains a loadlib with two members (GTXMSK and GTXMSKL). LIBDBRM contains a DBRM library with two members. The loadlib members should be used to replace the existing versions of GTXMSK and GTXMSKL. Both of these programs will need to be bound using the updated DBRM library members.  Please acquire the Zip file from CA Support.  If you are downloading the latest Main Frame software after September 29, please check with support to see if the fix in latest version.