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Cannot ping the device from OneClick console but can ping from command prompt on SpectroServer


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Ping failed from the OneClick Console.

On the OneClick console, right-click on the device and click on "Ping", you receive an error "Request timed out".  However, when you log to SpectroServer and open a command prompt, run the Ping command to ping the IP address of this device, the results show the device is pingable. 

Now please run a Network Sniffing tool on the SpectroServer, and try to ping the device from both the SpectroSERVER command prompt and OneClick console. In the network packets, open the details of the request from SpectroServer to the device when pinging from the command prompt on SpectroServer, if you see the data is 32 bytes from Internet Control Message Protocol.

Now open the details of the request from SpectroServer to the device when pinging from OneClick console. You will see the screen capture below.


By default, Spectrum uses 64 bytes as the ICMP packet size to ping devices. There are some devices that have been configured to only accept the ICMP requests if the ICMP Packet Size is 32 bytes.  This is explains why we cannot ping those devices from OneClick console.


Release: Any version of Spectrum
Component: SPCCSS - SpectroSERVER Core


1. Please go to OneClick console and open the component details of the problematic device.

2. Click on "Attribute" tab, and search for ICMPPacketSize, the value for this attribute should be "64". 

3. Then change the value to 32 and save the change.

4. Please right click the device and ping the device, now you should be able to ping.


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