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When accessing the OC Web Administration page "Client-Log", the CA Spectrum OneClick webserver, runs into high workload condition.


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CA Spectrum


The CA Spectrum OneClick-webservice could become unresponsive when opening OC administration web page "Client Log".

The OC-server tomcat service, begins allocating a large amount  of memory, as soon as the "Client Log" is accessed.  Such a a large allocation, could exceed the maximum configured OC-webserver(Java) memory configuration allowance. This could also cause OS-level memory issues, e.g. exceeding the physical, available memory, which causes the Operating system to swap or crash.  


When using the OC administration web page "Client Log", the OC-server file, $SPECROOT/OCLogs/client.log is opened and processed. The OC-server (tomcat java runtime) could allocate 50* times (or more) the file-size of "client.log" and the file content is completely processed. During this time the OC-server is allocating memory and could become potentially unresponsive, which could cause the OC-client applications connected to this OC-server to become unresponsive or completely disconnect.

The OC-server "client log" purge functionality is initially not enabled and could therefore cause very big file-size for the client.log when having this install running for long time.


CA Spectrum Release R10.* on all platforms (Linux, Solaris or Windows server hosted Spectrum installation)This is seen for all in one installation (SpectroSERVER plus OC-server) and also standalone OC-server install.


CA Spectrum Oneclick webserver runs into memory allocation issue when reading big "client log" data table.  Normally to reduce the size of the client log data table, please use the OC administration web page "Client Log" to "Clear Log" function, but  this is not possible as the issue comes up again. 

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKKlAAO" alt="OC-client_log_purge.PNG" width="708" height="157">

The workaround is to delete file named "client.log", saved per each OC-server component install under $SPECROOT/OCLogs. 

The file "client.log" is a XML formated ASCII file and should be deleted, when the CA Spectrum OneClick Tomcat service is in stopped state.

 After a CA Spectrum OneClick Tomcat service restart the file is create automatically again - now covering new logon info. Now configure the Client Log purge functionality to purge ie. log-entries older then 30 days.

Additional Information

The solution is addressed for CA Spectrum R10.2.2 and R10.3


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