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Hint/Tooltip Does Not Display On A Calculated Type Attribute If The Value Of The Attribute Is Not Displayed.


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


A Hint/Tooltip does not display on a Calculated Attribute if the value for the attribute is not displayed as well.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Administration > Objects > Project > Attributes
  2. Create a new Attribute "My calculated attribute" of Data Type "Calculated" and with Image (Color) and Range defined.
  3. Go to Administration > Object > Project > Views and add the attribute to the Project Properties > Layout Edit view.
  4. Go back to Administration > Object > Project > Views > Project Properties > Fields, and look for "My calculated attribute". Click on its properties icon.
  5. Make sure that under Display type, Value is unchecked and Image is checked.
  6. In the Hint and/or Tooltip text boxes, add some text.

Expected Results: Hint and Tooltip text is displayed along with the image of the attribute.
Actual Results: Only the image of the attribute is displayed.


This applies to all CA PPM releases.


This issue has been reported to Engineering as DE35937 and it has been determined to be working as designed.

It is necessary to show the attribute's "Value" for the Hint/Tooltip to be displayed.