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The Project Hierarchy performance is poor when custom attributes are added to the view (MSSQL databases)


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


1. Go to administration > Studio > Objects > Investment object
2. Create numeric type attributes called Custom_Number1 and Custom_Number2
3. Create a calculated attribute that is a sum of Custom_Number1 and Custom_Number2
4. Create a project called Master and a second one called Sub
4. Go to the Master object and add the Sub project as a child project
5. Go to the Hierarchy tab of the master project and check the timings on loading the page
6. Add the custom attributes created to the Hierarchy view
7. Try to load the Hierarchy page once again

Expected Results: The Hierarchy tab to be loaded on a reasonable time
Actual Results: The performance on the Hierarchy tab is impacted and is very poor


This is caused by DE35058


CA PPM 15.1


Workaround: If you are on an affected version, please do not add custom attributes to the list view

This is fixed within 15.2

Additional Information

This only happens with MS SQL databases. Oracle is fine