Datamaker: The repository table gtrep_system is not populated so this repository cannot be used


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


After upgrading Datamaker and connecting to the repository, I am receiving the following error message:
The repository table gtrep_system is not populated so this repository cannot be used


If the default database you are using is not pointing to gtrep when creating an ODBC connection profile, then you will receive this error message and be unable to connect to the repository. 


CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- Datamaker


To resolve this, you will need to point your 'Default Database' to 'gtrep' and you can follow the steps below to do this.  

1. Open/edit the gtrep repository connection profile in Datamaker.

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHdAAO" alt="edit profile.png" width="735" height="356">

2. Under 'Default Schema', add 'dbo' in the text box. 

3. Click on the box icon next to the 'ODBC Source' option. 

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHcAAO" alt="default schema dbo.png" width="480" height="593">

4. Click on the gtrep repository. 

5. Choose the 'System DSN' tab. 

6. Click the 'Configure' button. 

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHeAAO" alt="system dsn configure.png" width="466" height="444">

7. Make sure your system details are accurate. Click Next.

8. Add your gtrep password. Click Next. 

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHYAA4" alt="configure system dsn step 1.png" width="514" height="395">

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHZAA4" alt="configure system dsn step 2.png" width="515" height="392">

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHaAAO" alt="configure system dsn step 3.png" width="508" height="395">

9. Check the box for 'Change the default database'. 

10. In the drop down window, find 'gtrep'. Click Next and Finish. 

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHXAA4" alt="change default database to gtrep.png" width="516" height="392">

11. Test the data source connection. If test was successful, click OK. 

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHgAAO" alt="test data source system dsn.png" width="370" height="382">

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHfAAO" alt="test completed successfully.png" width="370" height="384">

12. Re-launch Datamaker. 

13. Retest connecting to the gtrep repository. The connection should be successful.

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKHbAAO" alt="connection details valid last.png" width="470" height="175">

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