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UIM- Disks and Disk Space missing from Details tab in USM.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Client report that for several servers the CDM disk information was not displaying provperly
on the details tab in USM.
However if they went to the metrics tab they could see the information there.


UIM 8.51Upgrade from UIM 8.31


Duplicate records in the s_qos_data table.



we will need to do the following steps for the affect systems
1) deactivate the cdm probe on the system
2) run a delete query on the s_qos_data_table for the system such as
   delete from s_qos_data where robot = 'robotname' and probe ='cdm'

3) either manually clear the nisache on the the robot or use the controller PU call back to clear the niscache and the call to reset the device Id
4) then restart the robot
5) activate the cdm probe
6) deactivate the data_engine probe
7) activate the data_engine probe

Once this is done a single s_qos_data entry for the cdm_probe should be listed for the robot and the qos and the data should be displayed correctly.

Additional Information

This also fixes CPU and Memory metrics not Showing in USM