CA Ideal application uses wrong program version
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CA Ideal application uses wrong program version


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After compiling a program in CA Ideal, trying to run the application with this program does not produce the expected results, and it appears that the compiled version (which may even be marked PROD) is not used.

This behavior is most often seen just after an upgrade of CA Ideal to a new version.


Release: IDEAL.00200-15.1-Ideal-for CA-Datacom


This problem of a wrong version of the program - particularly after an upgrade to CA Ideal - is usually caused by an incorrect setting of the VERSION attribute. To see the different options, issue the "DISPLAY SESSION OPTIONS" command, and for this problem, scroll down to see the VERSION setting.

If this problem is seen in a production system, where you likely want to run production program versions, you should issue the command "SET SITE VERSION PROD" which will cause the production version program to be used if there is no SET VERSION command specified in another member running the application.

In a development system, usually the last version is the desired one, so the command "SET SITE VERSION LAST" might be appropriate.

Additional Information

For more information about the SET [SITE] VERSION command, please see:

15.0 - Utilizing CA Ideal for CA Datacom > CA Ideal for CA Datacom Reference > CA Ideal for CA Datacom Commands > SET VERSION Command

15.1 - Utilizing CA Ideal for CA Datacom > CA Ideal for CA Datacom Reference > CA Ideal for CA Datacom Commands > SET VERSION Command

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.