Unable to change ETC on effort task to 0
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Unable to change ETC on effort task to 0


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Clarity PPM On Premise


ETC cannot be manually changed to 0 on the task assignments if the task is an Effort task (task ID = ~rmw). Once the ETC is updated to 0, when you click Save, the ETC reverts back to the previously set value.

Steps to Reproduce:

Prerequisite: Ensure 'Allow Effort Task Creation' is checked in PPM. To check this, go to Administration->Project Management->Settings, check the check box next to 'Allow Effort Task Creation' and save the change.

  1. Create a new project in PPM and add one team member to the project at an allocation greater than 0
  2. Go to the Tasks tab and filter for the Effort task (the effort task's ID will be ~rmw)
  3. Add the ETC attribute to the Task list view if not there already
  4. Change the ETC to 0 for the Effort task and click 'Save'

Expected Results: ETC value of 0 is saved

Actual Results: ETC value changes back to the previously set value

Note: Changes to the ETC for any value greater than 0 will be saved, this issue only happens when changing the ETC to 0.


Release: All PPM releases

Component: PPM Project Management


The ETC's for the assignments on the effort task are calculated based off of the allocations for the team members.


In order to change the ETC to 0 on an effort task, (aside from posting all ETCs as actual hours):

1. Change the allocation for the resource to 0 on the Team tab (for the entire project duration or at least the period where the resource still has ETC hours remaining)


2. Change the effort task into a regular task by changing the task ID of the effort task from ~rmw to something different. If autonumbering is being used, the task ID will be read only in the Clarity UI, but it can be changed by opening the project in either Microsoft Project or Open Workbench and editing the ID there. 

Additional Information

Reference KB53503 - What is the Effort Task in Clarity PPM and how is ETC calculated on it?

Reference KB35865 - How can I recreate the Effort Task for a Project?