robot_update or probes cannot be installed - no sections found which can be installed on robot 7.91 or earlier


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After deploying a robot to Linux systems, you may be unable to distribute probes to the robot.  Attempting to distribute robot_update results in a "no sections found which can be installed" error.


This is caused by a defect in robot 7.91 and earlier (goes back to at least 4.51).



1. download the new version of nimldr792.tar.Z and from this article. (This package installs robot 7.92GA.)

2. On the Linux box enter these commands to kill and remove the current robot: 

killall nimbus 

rm -rf /opt/nimsoft/ 

3. use the new nimldr and to reinstall the robot. When nimldr asks "Do we have a copy of the installation file locally?" say yes, and provide the path to this file. 

This will install the robot correctly and you will now be able to upgrade it and/or deploy probes successfully.





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