Error in CA Service Desk Manager when triggering a Process Automation process


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When CA Service Desk Manager is integrated with CA Process Automation Manager, and you attempt to trigger a PAM process from SDM, the system may throw an error as follows:

09/10 21:52:35.37 SDM_SERVERNAME spelsrvr 1876 ERROR macro.spl 1017 Error creating ITPAM workflow (/ABC_Company/CASD_Close_Incident): The specified user ID, password, or token is invalid. 


This may be caused by a rogue value in one of the options manager options for the CA Process Automation Manager integration.


CA Service Desk Manager (ALL VERSIONS)Integration with CA Process Automation Manager


To resolve this problem, try to update the following options in CA Service Desk Manager - Options Manager, by erasing the current value and retyping the appropriate value:

1. caextwf_eem_hostname - make sure its the correct EEM instance that CA PAM is configured to use 

2. caextwf_ws_password - here, edit the option, then erase and re-enter the appropriate password for the CA PAM user you are using to access PAM from SDM 

3. caextwf_ws_user - make sure that the proper username is in here without any trailing spaces etc.