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Why is the post-Install 0000 compare task encountering an abend S0C4-11 on either the COMPRT or DDLCOMP steps?


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The Post-Install ssid0000 compare job abends on either the COMPRT or DDLCOMP steps with a S0C4-11 NO ACTIVE MODULE FOUND NAME=UNKNOWN RCM00054: RC/Migrator module RML#MERG has abended.    


The cause of the Abend S0C4-11 was due to a third party vendor's product (Performance Essentials) interfering with the Post-Install ssid0000 Compare process of opening and writing to the &&MERGE dataset as defined in the COMPRT and DDLCOMP steps.


z/OS 2.1, DB2 Tools r18, r19, DB2 V10, V11


To circumvent this third party's process and alleviate the Abend S0C4-11 the following DD was added to the impacted steps: