Variable __owner is not passed by the scheduler to the System Agent


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With Autosys 11.0, variable __owner was passed by the scheduler to the Remote Agent.

This is no longer the case with CA WAAE 11.3.x


The SetJobAttributeEnvironmentals parameter supports setting the following environment variables that are based on job definition JIL attribute values:






This parameter is set in file $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV

But variable __owner is not part of this list 


CA-WAAE 11.3.6 SP6 with System Agent 11.3 SP7 on Unix


You can set and export variable __owner from the /etc/auto.profile script based on variable LOGNAME like this:



export __owner

Additional Information

In order to execute /etc/auto.profile, the Legacy System Agent settings have to be set in the agentparm.txt file of the System Agent.


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