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Running nhCreateDb returns umask related error


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CA eHealth


nhCreateDb command fails with error regarding wrong umask setting


root user is set correctly with umask 002


NH_USER was not set with umask 002 as required


While root user does require umask 002 and is required to run the nhCreateDb command, it does use the NH_USER behind the scenes. Thus it also requires NH_USER to have umask set to 002.


All supported eHealth releases running on Unix systemsDoes not impact Windows users


Log in as NH_USER and set umask to 002 (run "umask 002", then run "umask" to confirm response is 002).

Once again:

  1. Log in as root
  2. CD to the $NH_HOME directory 
  3. Source the nethealthrc.csh 
  4. Run the nhCreateDb command again