Cannot create custom snapshot in Identity Suite vApp.
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Cannot create custom snapshot in Identity Suite vApp.


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For creating a snapshot the Identity Suite for vApp documentation says the following:

Create a new ReportSnapshot.xml file which captures the necessary data that is required for the report. 
Example: TaskUsersReportSnapshot.xml 
Copy the ReportSnapshot.xml file to the following location: 

Restart the application server. 

Following these steps results in the following error in the server log:

"Failed to execute CaptureSnapshotEvent. ERROR MESSAGE: Exception:CaptureSnapshot event has failed"


Component: IDMGR


Defect in the 14.0 vApp product


Reproduced internally.  Level 2 has created a fix for this issue for vApp 14.0


Hot fix HF-DE300732-20170620-0001.tgz.gpg created.  Please contact support if on vApp 14.0 and experiencing this hot fix so the hot fix can be sent to you.