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SPC-OCC-10747:Error capturing configuration for host:Failure


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


TFTP Captures via NCM fails with an error:

"SPC-OCC-10747:Error capturing configuration for host: Failure"

When you look at the events for the device, you will see something like this:

Event : Configuration Manager - Capture failed with Primary communication mode Telnet/FTP for host running configuration file from device xxxx of type SwCiscoIOS on landscape xxxx initiated by user test. Specific error: Failure


This kind of failure occurs when there is a latency in the network and Spectrum needs more time to complete the capture request.


Spectrum 10.x


Increase the DCM Timeout for the device and that should allow the capture to be successful.

Additional Information

For more information on NCM please check out the Spectrum Documentation at: