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CA Data Protection 15.2 - Text messages are not triggering events.


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CA Security Command Center CA Data Protection (DataMinder) CA User Activity Reporting


CA Data Protection integration with IBM Content Collector relies on the metadata provided by IBM Content Collector. From the version 2.1.1 of IBM Content Collector, the metadata property "Originating User" has changed from providing ID to Display Name. This results in an integration failure.


Release: ODLPSD05900-15.2-Data Protection-for Stored Data


Hotfix R097883: Integration_x64_15.20_HF094 resolves this issue by using the appropriate Metadata property.

The metadata property Journal Envelope Sender/On-Behalf-Of Address (Exchange only) should be configured as directed in the Notes section below.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download and extract the required .zip files.
2. Apply the hotfix.
2.1. Apply Integration_x64_15.20_HF094.msp to all 64-bit machines where 
an IBM Content Collector Integration Agent is deployed.

Additional Information

1. Further installation details can be found in the Applying Hotfixes section in the CA Data Protection 15.2 DocOps space.

2. The following files will be updated when applying the hotfix: ICC\bin\WgnICCEvent.dll - 15.20.4626.0 - 11-Sep-2017

3. Steps to modify Metadata Property:
a. On the IBM Content Collector machine, open the configuration manager and select the taskroute for CA Data Protection.
b. Select "Invoke CA DataMinder Analyze Request" and double click the input parameter "originating user".
c. In the Edit Expression window, select the property "Journal Envelope Sender/On-Behalf-Of Address (Exchange only)".
d. Click Ok and save the taskroute.