Jasper showing duplicate Global Collections
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Jasper showing duplicate Global Collections


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CA Spectrum


Jasper is showing duplicate global collections in the parameters page of the group reports.


Spectrum 10.2.xJasper 6.3


The query for Global Collections misses if there is a model destroy time on the Global Collections.

For instance, A Global Collection named test is created and summarily deleted at a later date.

Some time after a new Global Collection named test is created. In the Report Manager database

there will be two instances of the Global Collection named test. The original that was destroyed

will have a model destroy time assigned to it for when the original collection was destroyed. The

new Global Collection will have a model destroy time of NULL. Currently the query pulling the 

Global Collection list does not evaluate the model destroy time field so it will pull both instances

of the test Global Collection.


1. Login to Jasper as the user superuser with a password of superuser

2. Navigate to the folder View -> Repository -> Organizations -> spectrum -> capability -> inputcontrols -> queries

3. Right click on q_group_name and select edit 

4.Click next twice to go to "Define the Query" 

5.Remove the content under Query String and paste the below query: 


select distinct entity_group_name, group_id from entitygroup 

inner join groupentitygroups on groupentitygroups.entity_group_id=entitygroup.entity_group_ID 

inner join entitygroupentity on entitygroupentity.entity_group_ID = groupentitygroups.entity_group_id 

inner join entity e on e.entity_id = entitygroupentity.entity_ID 

inner join model m on e.current_model_key = m.model_key 

where $X{EQUAL,entitygroup.entity_group_type,p_group_type} 


5.click save and rerun the group report the duplicate collections should be removed.

Additional Information

This fix will be included in Spectrum 10.2.2 and Spectrum 10.3 upon release.