Fast Data Masker - receive error when masking SQL Server data type "uniqueidentifier"


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Need to mask uniqueidentifier fields in a MySQL installation. As a work around, may be able to utilize the TDM publish rule to condition the data rather than mask it, but this approach may not scale. The SQL tables are the driving tables, and the need is to consistently mask this UserID field across SQL server and MySQL tables.  When using Fast Data Masker, an error is displayed:

Masking of data type uniqueidentifier not supported for SQL Server


This is a verified error that requires a patch for FDM. 


MySQLSQLServerFast Data Masker from TDM GA Version 4.2


The following patch will allow masking of a uniqueidentifier column in SQL Server: 

If you have this issue and need the mentioned patch, please open a Support case and request this patch or newer.  If you are installing a newer GA version after September 7, 2017, please verify with Support that this patch is included in that GA version.


Additional Notes:

There are ONLY 2 ways you can mask this type of column in SQL Server

  1. Use FDM function GUID
  2. Use function SQLFUNCTION and newid() as the parameter one value

Any other function will result in SQL Server rejecting the value as an invalid identifier.

If you have the same values in MYSQL and need consistent masking you will have to use GUID and cross reference in both masks.

In both cases, you will have to connect to the same cross reference table.

Another thing to be aware of, if you have the table to be masked open in a SQL window in Datamaker, it often will lock the table causing FDM to hang.

Close the SQL window to allow FDM to resume masking.