Harvester - Last Reaper Timestamp
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Harvester - Last Reaper Timestamp


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Started to show some messages about Last Reaper Timestamp


NFA 9.3.xWindows 2008


It looks like the Harvester is behind in processing data.

Please check:

 - Do you have any interfaces showing as active from that Harvester

 - Is that IP Address valid for your current harvesters?

You can try the following to see if these are just false messages, but if the errors come back there may be an issue processing data on these harvesters.

From a command prompt on the NFA Console server run:

mysql -P3308 reporter

Then run:
truncate table harvester_status;

Then recycle the "NetQos ReporterAnalyzer WatchdogService" and recycle the page to see if the errors come back or not.

If they do come back, verify you are actually getting data on that harvester and also check the two directories below to see if there are a lot of files in there and anything old files in there.

CA NFA Reaper Service stop


clean if have any *.bad file in :\CA\NFA\Netflow\datafiles\ReaperInput folder


Start the Reaper Service