Unable to import a form with multiple columns in a column element.


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When importing a form which has multiple columns in a column element, not all of the columns are imported. If you import the form in the Service Catalog UI, no errors appear, but the column element will be missing some columns. If you import the form using the IXUTIL command, you see an error in the IXUTIL output:

2017/09/21 Error importing Forms
com.ca.share.formsdesigner.base.service.FormImportException: com.ca.share.formsdesigner.base.exception.TooManyColumnsException


Service Catalog import functionality only allows a form with up to two columns in a column element to be imported. There is a problem in that the form editor permits the user to create a column element with more than two columns in it.

This is a problem on Service Catalog 14.1.02, which has been fixed in 14.1.04. In Service Catalog 14.1.04, you cannot add a third column to a column element in a form.


Release: CASVCT99000-14.1-Service Catalog


The only resolution to this problem is to re-design your form so that no column element has more than two columns in it.