Peforming an LDAP Directory Search returns no results
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Peforming an LDAP Directory Search returns no results


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When I do a LDAP Directory Search from the ServiceDesk Web Interface (New Contact from LDAP - LDAP Directory Search), I get an incorrect display. The list of LDAP users is displayed empty although the counter indicates that  LDAP users have been found.

See screenshot :

<Please see attached file for image>



In this screenshot, the counter indicates that 2 ldap users have been found (matching the Ldap search criteria) , but none is displayed in the list.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that the pdm_ldap_test and pdm_ldap_import commands are working correctly, so, ServiceDesk-LDAP integration setup in option manager is working.



Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


This issue can be caused by unneeded spaces in the ldap variables NX_LDAP_DN and/or NX_LDAP_SEARCH_BASE.

In this example, we can see in the NX.env file:

@NX_LDAP_DN=CN=Administrator, CN=Users,  DC=mydomain1,  DC=com

@NX_LDAP_SEARCH_BASE=DC=mydomain1,  DC=com



Removing the unneeded spaces from the variables to resolve the problem.

Here is an example of how the ldap variables should be:




This change should be performed by updating correctly the variables through the Option Manager, and the changes will take effect in the following ServiceDesk service restart.




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