CAPKI Errors when starting SpectroServer


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CA Spectrum


When trying to start the SpectroSERVER via command line by the following: 


We see an error output to the screen: 

Could not open CAPKI shared library, errno is 0, errmsg is /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CAPKI/CAPKI5/Linux/amd64/ 

64/lib/ cannot open shared object file: Permission denied 


From what we can tell, the Server still runs OK without issue. However these errors are confusing to see on Server StartUp and would like to have them removed. 


Upon Spectrum Installation, some permissions on Symbolic Links (symlink) are added to CAPKI files. 

We have seen in some situations where if a TAR backup is made of the /opt/Spectrum directory and at some point restored, the Symlink permissions on /opt/CA/Shared Components/CAPKI files may be broken. 



Spectrum running on Linux


The recommended resolution is to reinstall Spectrum on top of itself to reset the CAPKI Symlink permissions. After reinstalling Spectrum, the CAPKI permission denied errors should no longer appear.