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iXp Calendar Editor Errors


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CA Workload Automation Agents


When trying to insert a date using the DD/MM/YYYY [HH:MM] format in Calendar Editor for iXp, get the following error message:

Date (DD/MM/YYYY [HH:MM]): CAUAJM_E_50305 Invalid date 15/08/2017 entered. 

Date (DD/MM/YYYY [HH:MM]): 

Date (DD/MM/YYYY [HH:MM]): CAUAJM_E_50305 Invalid date 25/12/2017 entered. 

Date (DD/MM/YYYY [HH:MM]): CAUAJM_I_50430 Insert Successful for Calendar: <calendar name>

When trying to create a new calendar, the following error message is observed:

Saving calendar failed:null 



CA Workload Automation iXP 11.3.5


Patch iXp to 11.3.5 Incremental 1 or later.

The iXp server should be started with an additional Java property: 


This property should be added to JAVA_OPTS. 

For example: 

JAVA_OPTS=-Dixp.home=/opt/ixp -Dixp.autocal.force.mmddyyyy=true -Xmx500m -Xms500m