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Receiving CA XCOM error message TXPI primary code 0211 TXPI secondary code 3425 sending to server


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When sending a transfer to a remote server, the following error codes are returned:

TXPI primary code 0211 TXPI secondary code 3425  


Component: XCUHP9


TCPIP returned this error code to XCOM and it means "the destination socket refused an attempted connect operation".  This indicates that TCPIP could not make a connection to the remote server at all.


The transfer did not make a connection to the remote XCOM.  There will be no entries in the xcomlog in the partner side.  It will be necessary to troubleshoot this problem by considering the following:

  1. Can you ping the new remote server? 
  2. Is XCOM up and running on that new server? 
  3. Is there a firewall? 
  4. Do you have the right address for the new server?  Are you specifying the right ipport for the remote server?
  5. Perform a loopback transfer on the remote server to ensure that it is working properly
  6. DNS problem

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