CA Data Protection 14.5 - Infrastructure Service fails to start correctly.
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CA Data Protection 14.5 - Infrastructure Service fails to start correctly.


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The CA Data Protection infrastructure service attempts to bind to a network address and port (By default - RMI port 56099) on start-up and if this is not possible the infrastructure will fail to start (see error below).  


Jan 03, 2017 09:36:20 AMSystemI0100JCE Provider Using file provider list: Standard mode. 

Jan 03, 2017 09:36:20 AMSystemE0028Infrastructure failed to start correctly. (Unable to bind service to local registry - check RMI port availability.) 

Jan 06, 2017 09:41:06 AMSystemI0007Infrastructure has been shut down successfully. 


Typically where ports are unable to bind it is because they are either blocked or in use elsewhere and you should check there are now firewall rules which prohibit traffic.  However this issue can also be encountered when connecting via a VPN where the network address may not be asssigned until after an infrastructure startup sequence has commenced, or in some circumstances after a workstation has been reboot and no network binding is available.  



Data Protection (DataMinder) r14.5


FIX:RO98133 (incorporatingServer_14.5_HF0235, Server_x64_14.5_HF0236, Client_14.5_HF0237 and Client_x64_14.5_HF0238)) has been released to address this issue.  After deploying the fix, the CA Data Protection Infrastructure Service now connects to localhost ( on start-up if the network port is not available.  When a network address becomes available the infrastructure will identify the IP address change and make the appropriate binding ensuring normal operation.


FIX:RO98133 is available to download from the CA Support Portal. (