Getting Unable to load plugin '' error message on Web Agent logs for each request
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Getting Unable to load plugin '' error message on Web Agent logs for each request


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We are seeing the following plugin errors in Web Agent for each request, even if the Web Agent seems to work correctly:

[3862/3373222208][Wed Aug 23 2017 00:25:25][CSmPluginManager.cpp:201][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00130] ADMIN: SmDSOGetFunc failed to retrieve registration function for plugin ''.
[3862/3373222208][Wed Aug 23 2017 00:25:25][CSmPluginManager.cpp:131][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00110] ADMIN: Unable to load plugin ''

What these messages mean, and how we can solve this?




Web Agent R12.52 SP1 CR03Policy Server R12.52 SP1 CR05


These errors appear as the Web Agent tries to load a plugin defined in configuration, and it is not able to load it. As the plugin is shown in the messages as '', it could mean there is an incorrect setting in the WebAgent.conf file or ACO configuration.

If we check the Web Agent startup process, we can see it is actually loading an empty loadplugin parameter:

[24718/671680832][Wed Aug 23 2017 02:27:20] loadplugin='/software/ca/httpd-delivery/webagent/bin/'.
[24718/671680832][Wed Aug 23 2017 02:27:20] loadplugin=''.


Ensure there is no empty or misconfigured Loadplugin parameter in the current WebAgent.conf file, and also check the current ACO is not containing an incorrect Loadplugin parameter.


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