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When disk usage no longer exceeds the threshold, the alarm "Disk Threshold Exceeded" is not cleared


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CA Spectrum


After you enabled File System monitoring (RFC 2790), when the File System usage is higher than the alarm threshold, you would receive a "Disk Threshold Exceeded" alarm below and the cause code is 0x40030. 

<Please see attached file for image>


After the File System usage usage no longer exceeds each alarm threshold which you have defined under "Monitored File System (RFC 2790)", the above alarm is still there and not cleared. The File System Condition also shows incorrectly which is "Minor Threshold exceeded".

<Please see attached file for image>





On OneClick console, please go to the Component details of the device, click on "Information" Tab, then click on CA Spectrum Modeling Information.

The current "Polling" option should be "On", please click the "set" button and change it to "Off", save the change.

Then, please change "Polling" option from "Off" to "On" and save the change.

Now you should see the "Disk Threshold Exceeded" alarm will be cleared immediately. Under "Monitored File System (RFC 2790)", the File System Condition would show "Monitor Active".


Additional Information

This workaround also applies to the scenario that when File system usage exceeds the threshold, but you don't have the relevant "Disk Threshold Exceeded" alarm created.

In addition, this is an intermittent Spectrum issue.


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