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[CRWEB00000119] Error When Running BOXI Reports installed in localized (PTBR) language


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Error launching some of the CA SDM out of the box crystal or WeBI reports:

Error in English:

Unknown DB Connector Error []
--- Error Code:0 [CRWEB00000119]

Error in Portuguese:

Erro de conector de banco de dados desconhecido []
--- Error Code:0 [CRWEB00000119]


Service Desk Manager 12.9 / 14.1CABI installed in English + non English (example: PTBR)


This is caused when the browser locale preferences in BOXI is set different from English in a localized BOXI installation.


. Have the Browser added with appropriate locale (ex: Portuguese) to it

. Infoview/ BI Lauch Pad / CMC preferences should be set to below (after logging into CABI via a Browser)

1) Set CABI Preferences -> Product Locale to Browser Locale

2) Set CABI Preferences -> Preferred Viewing Locale to Browser Locale

3) Save

4) Logoff of Infoview / BI Lauch Pad / CMC and login again.

* Note that this configuration is individual for each user and so it should be done by each of them.


Additional Information

Localization of reports folder structure (tree control), report titles, and descriptions in the List view of Business Intelligence Launch Pad are not supported.