Problem registering a specific table in TDM
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Problem registering a specific table in TDM


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Having a problem registering a specific table in TDM.  The environment is Oracle, TDM 4.2, TDM Repository is SQL Server.  Can register several other tables, but this one table is getting an error:

DB Error: SQLCODE=-1, SQLDBCODE=2627, Message="Test Data Repository connection. SQLErrText = SQLSTATE = 23000

Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'gtrep_table_ind_def_pk'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.gtrep_table_ind_def'. The duplicate key value is (605, 10, 1)."



OracleTDM 4.2TDM Repository is SQL Server


Digging into the indices, it was noticed that there were indices with the same name.  Used SQL Management Studio to investigate.


Your DBA needs to know that Datamaker will store indexes linked to a table in the repository. Each index that is saved in the repository will be unique based on its index name.  This means that you cannot have duplicate index names.  In this case, based on indices, you can see there is a duplicate index name. The first one is stored in the sys schema, and the other name in the schema where the table is created.

The root cause is a corrupted index. We suggest resolving this by renaming the two index names to be similar in structure to the other index names in the respective schema.