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Installation Instructions for the Microsoft Windows version of the JDBC Driver


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Verify that you have access to the JDBC drivers for SQL Server. Download the JDBC Drivers for SQL Server from Microsoft: id=21599. 


Component: APLCON


1. Download sqljdbc_<version>_<language>.exe to a temporary directory. 


2. Run sqljdbc_<version>_<language>.exe. 


3. Enter an installation directory when prompted. We recommend that you unpack this zip file in %ProgramFiles% with the default directory: "Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 3.0". 


4. After the package unpacks, open the JDBC Help System by opening %InstallationDirectory%\Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 3.0\sqljdbc_<version>\<language>\help\default.htm. This will display the help system in your Web browser.