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Not Able to See Registry Monitor Components from Workstation


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


Not able to see the in the Registry Monitor from the Workstation the services for Simulator, Coordinator and VSE running within our new environment.

Can see the services running under the Service Control Manager status, but they do not show up as available in the DevTest Registry Monitor.


All Support DevTest releases and platforms.


1. Enterprise Dashboard, Registry, Broker and Portal running on remote machine 1. 

2. Coordinator, Simulator and VSE running on machine 2. 

3. Bring up Workstation and connect to remote Registry on machine 1 and it connects fine. 

4. Registry Monitor from the Workstation not showing the Coordinator, Simulator or VSE. 

5. All DevTest server components showing fine on Portal 

6. The domain name changed on the Coordinator machine. 

7. We can telnet to the Coordinator machine on port 2011 with the IP address and the FQDN, but not the hostname. 



1. Needed to add these three properties in the file on both the on the Coordinator 1 machine and Workstation machines: 


Needed to add the below properties in specific component VMOPTIONS files on the server.
Set the below property in DevTest_Home/bin/CoordinatorService.vmoptions or DevTest_Home/bin/CoordinatorServer.vmoptions
Set the below property DevTest_Home/bin/SimulatorService.vmoptions or DevTest_Home/bin/Simulator.vmoptions
Set the below property DevTest_Home/bin/VirtualServiceEnvironmentService.vmoptions or DevTest_Home/bin/VirtualServiceEnvironment.vmoptions

NOTE:where FQDN is the fully qualified domain name of the Coordinator/Simulator/VSE machine. 


2. Added -Dlisa.coordName=tcp://FQDN:2011/Coordinator on Coordinator 2 machine. 

3. Restarted all of the DevTest components on both Coordinator machines. 

4. Restart the Workstation machine. 

5. Able to see all the components in the Registry Monitor in the Workstation.