SARTIA02 Expanded access primary tape server is not active


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The client has a maniframe sysplex of 4 lpars, among which one LPAR runs SAREAS with TYPE=PRIMARY, and the remaining LPARs run SAREAS with TYPE=SECONDARY.

When the LPAR with the PRIMARY task went down, and there were attempts to access reports in CA View from tape, the below error was received:


SARTIA02 Expanded access primary tape server is not active 
SAREA17W  XCF QUERY request failed for SAREAS (ODSDEAS2/CDEV), return=00000008, reason=00000010 

The client believed that, when a SECONDARY task is up and running, reports should be accessible from tape.




The error usually indicates that the Primary EAS task was not active.




 Check the timings as to when the SARSTC and SAREAS tasks were started,

As the SARSTC task must be started first.


Note: If the SAREAS PRIMARY task was intentionally taken down, the SECONDARY

 Task(s) will not function.  View always needs an active PRIMARY task, in order for a SECONDARY task to process.


Consider setting up SAREAS with more than one PRIMARY task.

These multiple PRIMARY tasks can be active against the same database, even within the same system.