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Archive Manager shutting down automatically


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CA Spectrum


Archive Manager is shutting down automatically in a distributed environment. No errors are seen in the log files except for a clean shutdown as below:

Aug 06 00:22:04 : ArchMgr has received shut down signal - scheduling shut down
Aug 06 00:22:04 : Closing all client connections...
Aug 06 00:22:04 : Stopping CORBA communication...
Aug 06 00:22:05 : Closing database
Aug 06 00:22:05 : ArchMgr is shutting down...
Aug 06 00:22:05 : ArchMgr has successfully shut down.



Whenever you have time synched from multiple NTP sources and there is a big time difference, then you would see this kind of behavior. In a distributed install the source and destination machines much be synched within two minutes.




Make sure the servers are pointing to the correct NTP servers and there is not much of time difference when the time is synched using multiple NTP Sources.