CABI (BOXI) Unable to change next run time on scheduled report
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CABI (BOXI) Unable to change next run time on scheduled report


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CA Spectrum


Unable to change the “"Next Run Time" of a scheduled report. No error messages just the “Next Run Time” is not changed. This occurs for some of "Run Object" options. With Run Object set to “Once” the problem does not occur, but with it set to “Nth Day Of Month” or “Last day of Month” or “1st Monday of Month” etc… you cannot reschedule and change the “Next Run Time”  

To reproduce:

Create a recurring scheduled report using CA reports - Asset - Group - "Current Ports Summary: Group"  for example

Schedule ->Recurrence

Run Object: Nth Day Of Month

Start date/time : 06:00 AM  8/01/2017

End Date/time:….


Now schedule it. Then open history and Reschedule it, in the Recurrence specify


Start Date/time: 01:00 AM 8/01/2017 


Click on Schedule and check the “Next  Run Time”. It will be unchanged.


Spectrum 10.x with CABI 4.1 SP3


To workaround the problem, you should modify the Run Object from  “Nth Day Of Month” into “Once” save it, reschedule it and specify the new Date/Time and the Run Object to “Nth Day Of Month”, this time the time “Next Run Time” will be successfully saved.

Additional Information

No fix available as CABI team does not have any control in providing the fix in the schedule pages. Final fix would need to come from SAP.