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A list variable with multiple options is showing all the options other than the default one in Self Service flow


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


A list variable created in the TDM Portal/Datamaker is not working as expected when used while publishing from TDoD. If we give three values in the list for the drop down, it is showing only one (Default one) for that variable during publishing. 


TDM 4.1


While adding a process block in ARD, the "Fixed" checkbox in ARD was selected for variables. This will cause the variables to show only default value in ARD and not all the options that Datamaker provides for this variable.



While adding a process block in ARD, browse to project tree to choose Publish level and variables. While publishing, to select from the various options a variable has, in this window ensure to uncheck the “Fixed” column for the list variables. A screenshot attached for reference.


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