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RTTM Data not being seen in the Investigator.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  A customer is reporting that data in the Investigator is missing from one of their TIM's. The other TIM is working as expected. 

The TIM Collection Service and TIM appear to be working without problems. However, some RTTM data is missing in the Investigator.


This was reported in APM 10.1 But this could happen with any supported APM release.


By design, the Tim Collection Service (TCS) EM ignores the btstats files processing if the file timestamp is older than configured cut-off time (i.e. default is 7 seconds). These files are then removed.

Another clue that this is happening is the btstats files timestamps are 15 seconds or older than the EM time. The difference in time between the TIM and all EMs in the Cluster including the TIM Collector should be seven seconds or less.



  In the latest releases of APM 10.2 and later, the following message below is logged if RTTM metrics are missing because of the removed old timestamp files. It will be logged every 15 minutes. 

"BtStats files not processed.  Check btstats file timestamp in monitor <TIM_MONITOR_NAME>."


where TIM_MONITOR_NAME is the name of the monitor in question.