Datamaker failed to load Program with ID "30" and other numbers


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Datamaker Failed to load Program with ID "30" and other numbers.  As a result, can’t copy the project, because an error occurs.  This occurs while testing inheritance between data pools, the error in the title "Failed to Load Program with ID "30" and with 51 and 53, 54. As a result, the data doesn't take the action desired and you have to repeat the key strokes. It also happens when clicking on + sign on the tree in project manager next to a data pool. The assumption is that these program ID's are some sort of array set of values. Attempted to resolve it with fixing sequences in the repository, but that didn’t work. Upgraded to 4.2 and problem still exists.


This a known issue with Datamaker. 


Datamaker 4.1


In order to resolve this issue, please contact Support if your version of GTDataMakerPB is less than  If a GA version is available after September 12, 2017 and is available for download, please contact Support to make sure that this fix is included in that GA version. To open a support case, you can go to


Note from the Developer:  "You should not be using pure inheritance as the functionality is missing from the portal. If there are no plans to use the Portal, then that is Ok."