Staging Jobs are failing after upgrade
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Staging Jobs are failing after upgrade


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CA Capacity Manager


After upgrading CCC to the latest version 2.9.x from a older CCC release like 2.5 all datasources which are not

included in the default product are failing to stage data with the following error .

Error in DM "Data Load Operation failed for the specified data source" 

When checking the datasource by fetching the server list there is a error no servers can be fetched from the datasource .

This include Vmware datasources using the vmware integration kit and the separately installed Scom integration kit


Release: VIRPLP99000-2.7-Virtual Placement Package


During the upgrade the CCC directories are recreated and new installed  in some cases the old datasource related  xml files are not installed in the new CCC install directory  .

Secondly  the old vmware integration kit is now replaced by the build in vmware adapters Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Weekly or Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Daily  .


To solve the staging problem for Vmware  database based datasources.

You need to redefine the datasource using the new build in datasource for vmware called Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Weekly or Hyp_Vmware_ESXi_Daily .

For the other custom datasources you may need to reinstall the integration kit to put back the missing xml files for this datasource in

C:\Program Files\CA\Capacity Command Center 2.9.4\ApacheTomcat\webapps\DM\WEB-INF\classes

If you still have the missing xml for Scom hyp_ms_scom_hyperv.xml and hyp_ms_scom_windows.xml you can also place them back in this directory .