Memory leak error in startup logs


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When we examine our TDM Portal logs, we see message after message of memory leaks in the form of:

...but failed to unregister it when the web application was stopped. To prevent a memory leak, the JDBC Driver has been forcibly unregistered... 

We do not see memory slowly increasing until the server ceases to function because it runs out of memory.  

We are very concerned because we do not want this Portal to go down if it is something we can prevent.  Do we need to be concerned? If not, why are these messages appearing in our logs and can we stop them from appearing or are we simply to ignore them?


TDM Portal - 4.1 GA


This type of message is informational only. This is an unfortunate side effect of the WebService. At this time, your only option is to ignore them.