Cannot remove old account request events from worklist


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


The account request events can be removed by approve or reject from worklist without error but it appears again after logout and login.

And following error appears when clicking link of request.
 Cannot create task session for approve task

Also, following error appears when searching requests in Manage Privileged Account Requests:
 Error while searching for privileged account requests


Without approve or reject the request and request valid until date expires, the request cannot be removed by approve but can be removed by reject. And Clean Up Submitted Tasks schedule job is executed after request valid until date expires, the request cannot be removed by both approve/reject. This behavior is current design.


Component: SEOSPP


The procedure to remove remained request:
1. confirm url for the request event in worklist
note down the value between 'task.wfitem=1+4+' and '%3AWPDS'.
in above case, the value is 108.

2. connect to database and run following SQL to check the record
select * from WP_WORK_ITEM where ACTI_ID=108;

3. run following SQL to update the record ( work_state_id=5 means complete)
update WP_WORK_ITEM set work_state_id=5 where ACTI_ID=108;

Run above to all the remained requests.