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Correlated Cross Process Transaction Traces correlation are not visible for a .NET Web app calling a .NET App using .NET Remoting.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


A .NET Web app calls a .NET App using .NET Remoting. Separate Transaction Traces are visible for each layer, but correlated Cross Process Transaction Traces are not visible.


The .NET Agent does not support .NET Remoting for the Cross-Process Transaction Trace (CPTT) feature:

  • The CPTT feature uses either a SOAP or HTTP message header to pass along the same correlation ID from one process to another.
  • .NET Remoting is a legacy technology which uses a private message format for cross-process communication.
  • Modern cross-process technologies like WCF support industry standard communication methods including SOAP and is therefore supported by the .NET Agent.


APM .NET Agent 9.x, 10.x


If .NET Remoting is being used only separate uncorrelated Transaction Traces for each layer can be viewed.

Additional Information

See Microsoft reference Comparing .NET Remoting to WCF . WCF has support for industry standards (SOAP, WS-*, etc.) compared to "legacy" .NET Remoting which uses a private message format.

The 2 tracer groups RemotingClientProxyTracing and RemotingWebServiceTracing are used in a .NET Remoting implementation (file dotnet.pbd) and report blamepoint metrics, but they are not related to the CPTT functionality.