operating system field is not populating from SCCM to SAM
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operating system field is not populating from SCCM to SAM


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CA IT Asset Manager CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM) ASSET PORTFOLIO MGMT- SERVER CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


The SCCM connectors for creating devices in CA Software Asset Manager are not importing the operating system field value.  Some of the connectors error with invalid column name 'operating_system'.  


CA Software Asset Manager, 4.x releasesupgraded from earlier CA SAM release levels


The database structure changed between the CA SAM 3.x and 4.x release levels.  Two fields were moved from the devices table into their own tables: 

devices.operating_system, devices.cpu_name

The SAM 4.1.2 release notes mention this change: 

  The device properties "CPU description" (cpu_name) and "operating system"   (operating_system) were marked as deprecated with version 3.6.5 and have

  been removed in this release. The tables "CPU types" (cpu_types) and  "Operating systems" (operating_systems) should be used instead. 


With every release of SAM, if there has been a database change, then the XML for the connectors (SCCM, ITCM, etc) has been updated in the new release to reflect the database changes for that particular SAM release level.  

The updated connectors can be found in the new SAM 4.x installation, at this path:  \Program Files (x86)\CA\SAM\app\htdocs\prod\docs\connectors\standard\{company\connector}.   

If the connector has been customized, then compare your connector XML with the updated connector XML, and modify or merge the changes so that your connector pulls the information from the proper tables and fields.