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License import fails with ASP 0 error message and control_data_import displays a locked status


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CA IT Asset Manager CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM) ASSET PORTFOLIO MGMT- SERVER CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


We are importing software licenses using the license_import_pool template.  The license import fails with a very generic error:  An error occurred (ASP-0) 

When we browse the configuration, the control_data_import parameter is in a locked status. 


CA Software Asset Manager 4.x release levels


To clear this error,

1.  Navigate to Admin -> Maintenance -> Rebuild system tables.  Rebuild just the system tables.

2.  Clear the lock on the control_data_import parameter by navigating to Admin -> Configuration -> Browse Configuration and search for control_data_import.

If the control_data_import parameter value is 'locked', change the value to 'idle'. 

3.  Repeat the license import.