No Memory usage data for the Virtual Machines
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No Memory usage data for the Virtual Machines


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CA Spectrum


The Virtual Machines running in Hyper V do not display Memory Usage (%)


All releases of Spectrum running on supported Platforms


The Virtual Machines table is defined in the $SPECROOT/ tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/vhm/config/ table-systemedge-hypervaim-virt-machines.xml file.

The Memory Usage (%) column is defined in this file as follows:

    <!-- hypervAimStatVMMEMUsage -->








The 0x56e05c6 attribute is the hypervAimStatVMMEMUsage attribute from the caHyperVAimMib at oid so it is read directly from the device.



The cause of the issue is OID is not providing the data. To confirm the same follow the below steps:

1. Query the OID using MIB Tools as follows:

-> From Spectrum OneClick Console select Tools -> Utilities -> MIB Tools...

-> From the MIB Tools Console -> Under Contents Pane, type Hyper-V Manager IP Address under Device, Select appropriate SNMP version and SNMP Community String -> Click on Contact

-> Now, under Hierarchy, in Device Search, enter the OID -> Click on Next 

-> Now select hypervAimStatVMMEMUsage -> perform SNMP get request by clicking the Camera icon (3rd Option under Hierarchy) 

-> Click on OK :


2. Now, check the Results, if you see the values this would mean Spectrum is not receiving the Memory usage data from the MIB:



-> Spectrum is only displaying the data it is receiving from the OID

-> The agent is not providing the data

  • Try recycling the sysedge agent service

-> If the problem still persists then open a ticket with CA Support under CA Virtual Assurance Infrastructure Manager (VAIM) product for further troubleshooting.


Additional Information

Please reference the "Microsoft Hyper-V" section of the documentation for more information.


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