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SpectroSERVER crashes with discovering R/O SPM Tests


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CA Spectrum


When discovering read only SPM test for a Host_systemEDGE Test Host, the SpectroSERVER crashes. The following is seen in the stack trace of the core/mdmp file:


#1 0x00007ff0f3ace3d3 in RTM_Inventory::createTest(RTM_TestParameters const&, CsObjectID const&, int) () from /app/spectrum/SS/Modules/
#2 0x00007ff0f3abe773 in RTM_EMPIRE_If::processTest(CsModelHandle const&, InternetAddress const&, CsULongList&, CsObjectID const&, RTMDomain::TestType_e, CsBuffer const*, CsBuffer const*, unsigned int, int, unsigned int, RTM_Address const&, int, int, int, RTM_Schedule&, int, CsULongList&, CsULongList&, RTM_Defs::RTM_TestControl_e, int, CsBuffer const*, CsBuffer const*, CsBuffer const*, CsBuffer const*) () from /app/spectrum/SS/Modules/
#3 0x00007ff0f3abfae6 in RTM_EMPIRE_If::discoverTestsOnDevice(CsModelHandle const&, InternetAddress const&, CsULongList&, RTMDomain::TestDiscoveryMode_e, std::string&, CsULongList&, CsULongList&, RTM_Defs::RTM_TestControl_e) () from /app/spectrum/SS/Modules/
#4 0x00007ff0f3ae6640 in RTM_Test_Host::discoverTests(CsULongList&, CsULongList&, CsULongList&, RTM_Defs::RTM_TestControl_e, RTMDomain::TestDiscoveryMode_e, unsigned int) () from /app/spectrum/SS/Modules/
#5 0x00007ff0f3ae70c3 in RTM_Test_Host::discoverTests(CsULongList&, CsULongList&, RTM_Defs::RTM_TestControl_e, int) () from /app/spectrum/SS/Modules/
#6 0x00007ff0f3aaecfe in RTMDomainService::discoverTests(unsigned int, RTMDomain::RTMDiscoveryStatus*&) () from /app/spectrum/SS/Modules/
#7 0x00007ff0f3aa4ed1 in RTMDomainItcM::processItcRequest(ITC_Request_Parms*) () from /app/spectrum/SS/Modules/


Release: MSPSPD99000-10.2-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-MSP


Null value returned when reading information from the System Edge device


Null value check added to the code to prevent the crash from occurring.

This issue is addressed in the 10.02.010.PTF_10.2.142 patch for Spectrum The following is from the release note:

Symptom: The SpectroSERVER crashed while performing an SPM Test host discovery with Read Only option, on Device type SysEdge. It is because of the attribute 'EchoAdminSourceAddress' value is not present.

Resolution: Added condition to check the 'EchoAdminSourceAddress' value and Discovery on SysEdge devices is successful.

Please contact CA Spectrum Support for a copy of the 10.02.010.PTF_10.2.142 patch for Spectrum


Additional Information

This issue is also scheduled to be addressed in Spectrum No projected release date set at the time of the writing of this knowledge document.